A Football Collection for a New, Imaginary Football Club

Year 3 Graduate Collection: Club Atlético Nueva Argentina de Rosario


Design a graduate collection of four outfits for a chosen sport. Start with two six-outfit pre-collections, one experimental and one functional. Merge them into one final graduate collection of four outfits. Construct and fully realise the four outfits.


Rosario is the third largest city in Argentina. The city is a hot bed for young people, with more than 80000 university students. Many of the best Argentine footballers are Rosarinos, including the world’s best: Lionel Andrés Messi. A third club in the top division will give youngsters more opportunities in the city. Players from a strong academy will also improve the Argentina National Football Team.

Design cues were taken from Rosario’s history. Manuel Belgrano first raised the Argentina flag in Rosario in February 1812. Colours come from a scene depicted in a stained glass above the entrance to the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary next to the flag monument in Rosario.


Emmanuel Robert, Bruce Mazibuko, Molly Johnson, Jonathan Vivaas Kise, Jordan Woods


Chris Aoun, George Barrell, Edoardo Nerenzi, Jamal Clark, Emmanuel Robert


John Boddy, Susan Shaw, Michelle Hammond, Chihoko Jones, Jo Julian, Jill Weeks, Peter Doubleday, Sarah Braddock-Clarke, Dr. Kate Strasdin, Bridget Woods Kramer, Charles Ross, Patrick Gottelier, Camilla Dixon, Olie Arnold, Jane Siu, Sarah Merrick, Samuel Philips, Thomas Philips, Shannon Hawkins, Orren Garner, Enrica Leung, Anita Wong, William Leung, Allyson Chan, Wan Yuk Ying

In Loving Memory of My Grandma