Neon Creek for Saucony

Year 3 Design Project


Design a 4-outfit running collection centred around one signature outfit for a brand I would love to work for, inspired by the Li Edelkoort AW 17/18 activewear trend forecast, The Art of Sport. Fabrics and prints to be chosen from Friedman’s Limiteds portfolio.


I decided to design for Saucony because it is a running brand with lots of heritage. It is a niche brand with a loyal following in the running world when it comes to its renowned running shoes. This American brand is named after the Saucony Creek (nowadays known as Sacony Creek) that runs through Kutztown Pennsylvania. Its logo is also shaped like a flowing creek.

Owned by Wolverine Worldwide Group, which is primarily a group focused on footwear, it is not surprising Saucony’s focus is less on apparel.

I was inspired by Saucony’s creek logo and light painting created by runners. Neon coloured fabrics and two prints that fit into the theme of Light Out Art (Li Edelkoort AW 17/18) were chosen from Friedmans wide ranging portfolio.

Signature Outfit

The signature outfit features a running jacket with last-cut holes for ventilation, as well as slightly heavier Titan fabric for breathable protection.

The compression shorts feature two front pockets for storing valuables such as smartphones or music player and small wallet. The split shorts and short shorts with side zips both provide access to these pockets.

All the pieces feature panels with the Sheesha print (recoloured) from Friedmans.